EEB seminar schedule for 2017/18

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
Sept. 7
Sept. 14  Pedro Antunes  Algoma  Colautti lab

Functional ecology of the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis – implications for below and above ground biodiversity in a changing world 

Sept. 21  Harris Ivens Queen’s Grogan Lab As above so below? – Impacts of water limitation on growth and nutrient accumulation by a crop plant and its soil microbes across a fertility gradient
Sept. 28 Peter Kotanen University of Toronto  Colautti lab Latitudinal and local variation in damage by above and below ground enemies of an invasive thistle
Oct. 5 Sapna Sharma York Arnott Lab On thin ice: are lakes feeling the heat?
Oct. 12 Debbie Leigh Queen’s Friesen Lab

Bottlenecks, evolution and the behavior of selected variation

Oct. 19 Gustavo Betini Guelph Chippendale Lab Eco-evolutionary dynamics in seasonal environments
Oct. 26 Bob Montgomerie Queen’s Montgomerie Lab Discovering birds in the Great White North
Nov. 2  Rob Ness University of Toronto Eckert Lab Mutation rate variation and its consequences for genome evolution
Nov. 9 Marc Johnson University of Toronto Eckert Lab Evolution in the urban jungle
Nov. 16 Ryan Franckowiak Queen’s Friesen Lab Reproductive fitness of Micropterus dolomieu under heterogeneous environmental conditions
Nov. 23 James Sinclair Queen’s Arnott Lab What drives colonist success?
Nov. 30 Andrew Gonzalez McGill Arnott Lab Diversity, stability, and evolution of networks
Dec. 7 Risa Sargent Ottawa Eckert Lab Alien species introductions – a community perspective

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
Jan. 11  Catherine Dale Queen’s  Ratcliffe Lab Should I Stay or Should I Go?  Understanding migratory strategies in western bluebirds
Jan. 18  David Fifield Environment Canada Friesen Lab Predictive Models and Petrel Declines: A Sampling of Applied Marine Bird Research in Atlantic Canada
Jan. 25 Marc Belisle Sherbrooke Bonier Lab Agriculture and pesticides: a cocktail hard to swallows
Feb. 1 Thomas Merkling Queen’s University  Friesen Lab Towards a better understanding of offspring sex-ratio variation in vertebrates
Feb. 8 Jenny McCune Carleton University Orihel Lab Rare plants and where to find them: the habitat, the landscape, and the landowners
Feb. 15  Rob Colautti Queens University  Ecological genetics of invasive plants: Adaptive evolution, genetic constraints, and their ecological consequences
Special Seminar: Feb. 21 Rebecca Rooney University pf Waterloo Orihel Lab Herbicide use to control invasive Phragmites: efficacy, fate and effects
Feb. 22 No Thursday Speaker Reading Week
March 1  Bob Montgomerie Queen’s University  Charles Darwin’s Finches and the Origin of (debate about) Species
March 8  Matthew Guzzo University of Manitoba Blanchfield Why do fish get smaller with warming?
March 15 Drew Sauve Queen’s University  Freisen lab Phenotypic plasticity drives phenological change in a declining Arctic colony of Black Guillemots
March 22 No Seminar Check out the seminars given by applicants for Queens’ faculty position this week.
March 29  No Seminar
April 5 No Seminar Check out the Al Downe lecture given by Dr. Vett Lloyd from Mount Allison University on April 5th at 12 noon.
 April 12  Yihan Wu  Queen’s Unviersity Colautti Lab  Reconstructing parallel clines in flowering phenology from natural history collections of Lythrum salicaria

*Split Session with two speakers

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