Fall 2019

Sep 5thLuke MahlerUniversity of TorontoMartin LabAnthropocene determinants of diversity in island anole lizards
Sep 12thCarly RozinsUC BerkeleyDay LabThe birds and the bees: The industrialization of agriculture and its impact on diseases in poultry and apiculture
Sep 19thYing ChenQueen’s UniversityLougheed LabUnderstanding variation in male advertisement calls in spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer)
Sep 26th #1Matthew MacphersonQueen’s UniversityLougheed LabExclusion potential and behavioural response of gray ratsnakes (Pantherophis spiloides) to barrier fencing
Sep 26th #2 Regan CrossQueen’s UniversityEckert LabLong-term persistence of a species beyond its natural range
Oct 10thKelly Estrada PiedrahitaQueen’s UniversityLefebvre/ Wang LabWild animal rehabilitation in the Amazon
Oct 17thAlyson Van NattoQueen’s UniversityEckert LabEffects of peripherality and hybridization on range-wide genetic structure of the endangered coastal dune plant Abronia umbellata (Nyctaginaceae)
Oct 24thAlex McClymontQueen’s UniversityArnott LabEffects of road salt and climate change on lake communities
Oct 31stMichael HochbergCNRS MontpellierDay LabEvolution and Environment Shape Cancer Across Species
Nov 7thGemma ClucasCornell UniversityFriesen LabMarine conservation genomics: exploring the past, present, and future of oceanic ecosystems
Nov 14thRosalind MurrayUniversity of TorontoFriedman LabSelection for elaborate female traits: sex-biased resource allocation in insects
Nov 21stAndrew Wright Fisheries and Oceans Canada Friesen LabRoboScientist: Whale research in collaboration with machines
Nov 28thWendy Van DrunenQueen’s UniversityFriedman LabThe immediate phenotypic effects of whole-genome duplication on asexual reproduction through clonality
Dec 5thCarly ZiterConcordia UniversityEckert LabThinking outside the park: a landscape ecology approach to urban ecosystem services
Dec 12thBob MontgomerieQueen’s UniversityMontgomerie LabDAZED AND CONFUSED: a naturalist in the 20th century

Winter 2020

Jan 9thCorrina ThomsenUniversity of British ColombiaEckert Lab Province-wide patterns, and between-layer associations, of mycorrhizal host type within British Columbia forests
Jan 16thJoe SchwarczUniversity of McGillDepartmentalHey! There are Cockroaches in my Chocolate Ice Cream!
Jan 23rdJohn McKayColorado State UniversityDepartmentalCommercializing Genetic Discoveries for the Sustainable Production of Cannabis and Maize
Jan 30thElizabeth GowUniversity of GuelphSchool of Environmental Studies/EEB Combined SeminarTracking birds and their predators throughout the annual cycle to understand population declines
Feb 6thCalder SchweitzerThousand Islands Watershed Land TrustWang/Lefebvre LabBoots on the Ground: Direct-Action Conservation Through Land Trusts
Feb 13thBob MontgomerieQueen’s UniversityMontgomerie LabTrue Facts about Scientific Misconduct
Mar 5th Aaron ShaferTrent UniversityLougheed LabCan We Use Genomes To Help Conserve Biodiversity?
Mar 12thLeslie CampbellRyerson UniversityYakimowski LabGene Flow and its Role in Evolution: Applied Evolutionary Ecology of Weed(s)
Mar 26th Jenna FinleyQueen’s UniversityAarssen LabDo species with strong apical dominance incur a cost in terms of suppressed potential fecundity or biomass?
Apr 9thRichie HonorQueen’s UniversityColautti LabAllelopathy, Evolution and Plasticity in Garlic Mustard
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