Winter 2013

17 Jan
Shakira Azan/Sarah Hasnain Queen’s Arnott Lab Aquatic plant invasions and the aqaurium and ornamental pond industries/ Sarah: Factors influencing the thermal response of North American Freshwater Fish
24 Jan
Daniel Krupp Queen’s Arnott Lab New frontiers in kin recognition.
31 Jan
Toby Langguth/Anna Tigano Queen’s Friesen Lab Genetic structure and phylogeography of a European flagship species, the white-tailed sea eagle (Toby). Genetic and spatial characterization of population structure of the Portuguese dogfish (Centroscymnus coelolepis) in the Northeast Atlantic (Anna).
7 Feb
Jeff Row Trent Steve Lougheed Determinants of genetic population structure in Canada lynx: islands, snow and population cycles.
14 Febheart
Bob Montgomerie Queen’s His very own self. Null Hypothesis Significance Testing, epic fail: What’s not to love about statistics?
21 Feb
Leslie Holmes Queen’s Nelson Lab Manure and Bacteria: Tidings from the Black Soldier Fly.
28 Feb
Roz Dakin Queen’s Montgomerie Lab Linking courtship behaviour, colour perception and mate choice decisions.
7 Mar
Tony Ricciardi McGill Arnott Lab Ecological naiveté as a mediator of the impacts of invasive species.
14 Mar
Don Jackson University of Toronto Arnott Lab Are fish communities really that random in their composition?
Wed 20 Mar 12:30 *
Rebecca Safran University of Colorado Boulder Roz Dakin The role of divergent sexual selection in speciation.
28 Mar
Leonardo Campagna Queen’s Lougheed Lab The rapid radiation of the southern capuchino seedeaters.
4 Apr
Brooks Miner Cornell Martin Lab How Daphnia safely catch some rays: Molecular mechanisms of adaptation to UV radiation exposure
11 Apr
Val Langlois RMC Lougheed Androgen biosynthesis disruption in frogs.
18 Apr
Marie-Josee Fortin Toronto Sarah Hasnain (Arnott Lab) Global change effects on species distribution: A spatial ecology framework
25 Apr
Stefan Bengston Queen’s Nelson Lab TBA


Fall 2012

13 Sep
Jeremy Holden Queen’s Bruce Tufts Assessment of the effects of habitat, harvest and community interactions on the abundance of walleye Sander vitreus in inland lakes throughout Ontario
Wed 19 Sep at 1:30 pm*
Anne McKellar Queen’s Laurene Ratcliffe Migratory timing, fitness, and behaviour in a Neotropical migrant songbird: insights from long-term data and experiments
20 Sep
Sarah Wallace Queen’s Vicki Friesen Population genetic structure in the Cassin’s auklet: differentiation of the Baja California subspecies.
27 Sep
Roz Dakin & Cam Hudson Queen’s/Guelph Bob Montgomerie & Steve Lougheed Weaponized ‘stashes and fake hooters
Fri 5 Oct**
Jeremy Searle Cornell Vicki Friesen Stories from unwanted travellers: the history of the world according to stowaway mice.
11 Oct
Tim Connallon Cornell Chippindale Lab Sex-specific selection and the evolution of X inactivation strategies.
18 Oct
Amanda Xuereb Queen’s Steve Lougheed Genetic structure and the influence of habitat heterogeneity on eastern hog-nosed snakes.
25 Oct
John Smol Queen’s Chris Grooms Birds, multiple stressors and sediments: A paleolimnologist’s perspective on ornithology
1 Nov
Ottar Bjornstad Penn State Bill Nelson Emergence, re-emergence and dynamical mysteries of whooping cough.
8 Nov
Stephen Dorus Syracuse Chippindale Lab Sexual selection and spermatogenesis: Integrating proteomic and genomic approaches.
15 Nov
Tristan Long Wilfred Laurier Chippindale & Montgomerie Labs Experimental evolutionary dynamics: or…. Flies, damn flies & statistics!
22 Nov
Anne Dalziel University of British Columbia Steve Lougheed The evolution of energy metabolism among migratory and non-migratory threespine stickleback ecotypes.
29 Nov***
David Evans Royal Ontario Museum Steve Lougheed An Early Jurassic nesting site and the evolution of dinosaur reproductive behaviors.
6 Dec
Aaron King University of Michigan Nelson Lab Process from patterns in diseases with complex ecologies.
13 Dec
Katarzyna Wojczulanis-Jakubas and Dariusz Jakubas University of Gdansk, Poland Vicki Friesen Two talks in one! 1. Why my mother leaves me? A big question of the dovekie chick. 2. Response of planktivorous dovekie (Alle alle) to variable oceanographic and climatic conditions in the Arctic.
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