Past EEB seminar schedule for 2013/14


Winter 2014

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
9 Jan Bob Montgomerie Queen’s Montgomerie Birds are more colourful than they look
16 Jan Eelke Jongejans Radboud University Nijmegen Nelson Tracing the effects of environmental drivers and phenotypic plasticity with hierarchical population models
23 Jan Stefan Bengtson Queen’s Nelson Food quality effects on life history correlations in Daphnia
30 Jan Takehiko Yamanaka Queen’s Nelson Environmental condition vs. Spatial constraint? Dragonfly metapopulation and metacommunity analyses
6 Feb Kyle Elliott Western Friesen Sex, Death and Rock’n’roll: Correlates of lifetime reproductive success in a long-lived seabird
13 Feb Frances Bonier Queen’s Bonier Perils and pitfalls. How can we measure natural selection on endocrine traits?
27 Feb Emma Greig Cornell Friesen Strategic signaling and the evolution of predator-elicited displays in Australian fairy-wrens
6 Mar Maren Vitousek Cornell Bonier Sex, stress, and success: investigating the evolutionary causes and consequences of variation in the acute stress response
13 Mar Clay Cressler Queen’s Nelson Adaptive genome evolution in salamanders: a phylogenetic perspective
20 Mar Stephen Lougheed Queen’s Lougheed Musings from Australia
27 Mar Catherine Duguay Queen’s Chippindale Genetic architecture and sexual conflict in the life-history of Drosophila
3 Apr Kristina Arseneau Queen’s Cumming Acidification & Climate Warming: Understanding Biological Recovery in Multiple Stressor Environments
10 Apr Hugh Henry Western Grogan Production and nutrient cycling in temperate ecosystems: how winter climate matters
17 Apr Shannon McCauley Toronto Arnott Assessing the interactions between local and regional processes in freshwater metacommunities
1 May Julia Duszczyszyn Queen’s Chippindale
15 May Lukas Schärer and Dita Vizoso Basel Chippindale

* Joint EEB/Departmental Seminar

** This is a combined EEB/BIOL440 talk.


Fall 2013

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
12 Sept Kim Lemmen Queen’s Arnott Species response to rapid environmental change in a Subarctic pond
19 Sept Bob Montgomerie Queen’s Montgomerie Magnus opus
26 Sep Rebecca Taylor and Paul Finigan Queen’s Tufts 1: Wolbachia in wild British moths: prevalence, phylogeny and horizontal transfer
2: Effects of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) on aquatic benthic macroinvertebrate communities
3 Oct Nick Cairns Queen’s Lougheed Development of turtle by catch reduction devices in a diverse inland fishery
10 Oct Julie Morand-Ferron Ottawa Lougheed Cognition, ecology, and evolution in wild populations of Paridae
17 Oct Thomas Harder and Bill Rogerson Aquatarium Friesen An Intro to Aquatarium and Research Level 101
22 Oct Tony Gaston Environment Canada Gabriela Ibarguchi Arctic Ice
31 Oct Vicki Friesen Queen’s Friesen Time is the essence: A conversation (hopefully) on the role of breeding time in speciation
7 Nov Paul Martin Queen’s Martin The paradox of the Birds-of-Paradise: Persistent hybridization as a signature of historical reinforcement
8 Nov* Chris Martyniuk University of New Brunswick Valérie Langlois Sex steroid production and feedback: Novel perspectives from molecular profiling in the teleostean gonad
14 Nov* Ehab Abouheif McGill Chippindale What have EvoDevo and supersoldier ants taught us about how evolution works?
21 Nov James Sinclair Queen’s Arnott Effect of an invasive consumer on zooplankton communities are unaltered by nutrient inputs
28 Nov Jessica Rico Trent Eckert Does traditional management by rotational shepherding supports landscape connectivity in fragmented calcareous grassland plants?
5 Dec Nikolaus Gantner Trent Campbell CSI Husky Lakes: Fractionation of mercury isotopes in water, sediments, and fish from the Husky Lakes, Northwest Territories, Canada

* Joint EEB/Departmental Seminar

** This is a combined EEB/BIOL440 talk.

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