Past EEB seminar schedule for 2014/15

Winter 2015

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
15 Jan Megan Frederickson University of Toronto Arnott The ecology and evolution of mutualism
22 Jan Meghan Duffy University of Michigan Nelson Infectious diseases and food webs: links between Daphnia, parasites, and the larger food web
29 Jan Krista Patriquin University of Toronto Ratcliffe Evolution of Sociality in Bats
5 Feb Scott MacDougall-Shackleton University of Western Ontario Bonier Tell me about your childhood. Stress, developmental phenotypic plasticity, and birdsong.
12 Feb Nishka Wright Queen’s Grogan Is snowmelt the key to understanding plant nutrient availability in the low Arctic?
26 Feb Jayne Yack Carleton University Martin Caterpillars Scream and Butterflies Listen: Sound Strategies for Avoiding Attack
5 Mar Hayley Roberts Queen’s Lougheed Understanding Reproductive Phenology in Temperate Frogs
12 Mar Stefanie Hixson Ryerson University Arnott The role of nutrition in growing sustainable and nutritious farmed seafood
19 Mar Brad Fedy University of Waterloo Lougheed Integrating habitat selection, landscape genetics, and population demography in wildlife populations across large extents
26 Mar Adam Meyer Queen’s Nelson Can spatial heterogeneity maintain multiple migration behaviors in a freshwater zooplankton?
2 Apr Paul Martin Queen’s EEB Trade-offs and the structure of biological diversity
9 Apr Sara Burns Queen’s Bonier Does capture method introduce bias in studies of free-ranging birds?


Fall 2014

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
18 Sept
Paul Grogan Queen’s EEB Mentors and mentoring
25 Sept
Nalini Puniamoorthy Syracuse University Chippindale Sexual selection in widespread dung fly…
2 Oct
Changhai Zu Queen’s Tufts Population ecology of black bass…
9 Oct
Art Weis University of Toronto Eckert & Chippindale Phenology as habitat choice in plants…
16 Oct
Virginia Walker Queen’s EEB There may be more to nanoparticles…
23 Oct
Josh Neufeld University of Waterloo Grogan Thaumarchaeota in global vitamin B production
30 Oct
Kiyoko Gotanda McGill University Bonier Adaptation as spatiotemporal mosaic…
6 Nov
Scott Colbourne University of Windsor / Great Lakes IER Bonier Sympatric speciation: … in pumpkinseed sunfish
13 Nov
Jessica Forrest University of Ottawa Arnott Solitary bees in a warming world
20 Nov
Haley Kenyon & Mike Lavender Queen’s grad students shared seminar Martin & Arnott Bird song variation / Community assembly
27 Nov
Bill Glass Fisheries and Oceans Canada EEB Northern range of Spotted Gar…
4 Dec
Chris Eckert Queen’s EEB Plants and evolution… and stuff

* Joint EEB/Departmental Seminar

** This is a combined EEB/BIOL440 talk.

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