EEB seminar schedule for 2016/17

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
15 Sept Dr. T. Alexander Dececchi Queen’s University Boag Lab Up, Up and Away: How birds gained flight and took over the world
22 Sept  Dr. Colautti

Dr. Eckert

Queen’s University  Invasions and extinctions ‘through the looking-glass’ of evolutionary ecology.

Strong genetic differentiation but not local adaptation towards a geographical  range limit

29 Sept Andrew MacDougall University of Guelph Aarssen Lab Diversity-function relationships in the anthropocene
6 Oct  Fran Bonier Queen’s University  EEB Correlates, causes, and consequences of individual variation in glucocorticoids
13 Oct Jannice Friedman Syracuse University Dr. Eckert Evolutionary Transitions in Plant Reproductive Strategies

Maggie Boothroyd

Trent Tufts lab
27 Oct Karen Samis  University of PEI  Aarssen Lab Expansion and introduction beyond geographic range limits
3 Nov  Adam Jeziorski  Queen’s University Queen’s University From “Aquatic Osteoporosis” to the “Jellification of Lakes”: Ecological impacts of lakewater calcium decline on softwater boreal ecosystems
8 Nov  Dustin Marshall  Monash University Day & ChippendaleLabs Variation in selection as a limit to adaptation
10 Nov Tim Johnson  OMNRF Arnott Lab Dynamics and Dilemmas within the Lake Ontario Salmonid Community
17 Nov Virginia K. Walker  Queen’s University Impermafrost; a mini-sabbatical in Alaska
24 Nov Melania Cristescu McGill University From barcoding single individuals to metabarcoding biological communities: Towards understanding and managing invasive species
1 Dec Amanda Tracey Queen’s University Plant body size: when does it matter?
8 Dec No Speaker

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Institution Host Title
12 Jan Juliet Lamb  Clemson University  Dr. Friesen Evaluating year-round seabird habitat needs in the Gulf of Mexico to improve oil pollution risk assessment and mitigation
19 Jan Anne Charmantier University of Montpellier  Dr. Friesen Testing for local adaptation in wild passerines: from phenotypic to genomic approaches
26 Jan
Jim Quinn MacMaster University  EEB Cooperation and conflict within groups of joint-nesting cooperative birds
2 Feb
Rute Clemente-Carvalho  Queen’s What are the implications of miniaturization in amphibian body size – a remarkable example in the genus Brachycephalus
9 Feb

Ivana Schoepf

 Queen’s When to live alone and when to live in groups? A field experiment of the habitat saturation hypothesis
16 Feb
John Serafini / TBD Queen’s Effects of resource manipulation on temperate grassland vegetation under a changing climate
23 Feb No Speaker Reading Week NA NA
2 Mar Maggie Boothroyd Trent University Assessment of demographic and genetics juvenile lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) following an adult reintroduction (translocation) effort in a fragmented river system
9 Mar
 Bob Cox
 University of Virginia Dr. Bonier Two phenotypes, one genome: Integrating endocrine, transcriptomic, and quantitative genetic perspectives on sexual dimorphism
16 Mar
 Dave Ensing  Queen’s Research and management in an invasive plant species complex
23 Mar
 Dylan Sora / Harley English-Dixon  Queen’s Natural selection on phenology across the elevational range of an annual plant, Rhinanthus minor

Personality and social dominance in the male zebra finch

30 Mar
Emily Darling / Kate Neville U of T  Dr. Eckert
6 Apr
 Ivana Schoepf
 Queen’s Dr. Bonier When to live alone and when to live in groups? A field experiment of the habitat saturation hypothesis
18 Apr
Steven Short Departmental Seminar

*Split Session with two speakers

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